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Animal Communication With A Pig

By 24th August 2020Animal Loss

This real life experience comes from Jayne who shares how communication helped her with her pig, Rose, and also her Mum during her decline with Alzheimer’s Disease.

“I’ve been deliberating over contacting you about some experiences I had last year and have finally decided to go ahead. Here goes.
“I’ve attended a couple of your workshops, enjoyed your books and insightful emails – thank you for these. Running alongside these there’s been wider spiritual learning and Reiki. Perhaps because of all these, I’ve had some wonderful experiences with both animals and humans but the passing over of my Mum followed by Rose (the pig, pictured) last year were particularly significant.
“Firstly, Mum. Sadly, she had suffered a long, steep decline from Alzheimer’s Disease for over a decade and could no-longer speak, move or express herself at all. We did thankfully communicate with each other in the same way as for conversing with animals. This was a perfect way of maintaining contact. Her passing was such a beautiful experience with many unexpected gifts that showed me how peaceful and natural transition can be. It was an honour to witness.
Rose the pig had lived with her sister (Belle), me and my family for 12 years. She was a no-nonsense, wise old soul who wasn’t one for fuss or cuddles. When she became ill and was finding life difficult her real strength and dignity became clear. We grew closer than ever before and communicated frequently as she became more and more frail. The vet had decided there was nothing else he could offer, but instead Rose told me daily what she wanted in terms of fluids and food (smoothies mostly), whether she was cold or uncomfortable and later that she would like crystals in her ark. Finally, she told me when she was ready to leave.
Your book ‘Life, Loss and Love’ was a great help and I’m really grateful for the huge part your teaching played in helping me find a more soulful way through difficult times and significant events. Your recommendation of Felicity Warner’s book ‘The Soul Midwives’ Handbook’ was likewise a valuable support.
The simple act of wiping Rose’s body down with flower essences after her passing had a very poignant sense of ceremony about it that felt fitting for a courageous being who had just navigated her way safely from this life. It was also an opportunity for me to express my gratitude for her being part of our life too (I wish it’d been possible to perform this same act for my Mum).
Here’s part of a conversation we had a few days previously. Rose explains :-
My job is to show a better way of caring and treating animals. To help make compassion for animals a normal way of being.
Not really to teach, but to allow communication and show us that it can be done and that it works. It’s why I’m here! My way of saying ‘thank you’.
I don’t want to leave. I don’t want to leave Belle behind.
I don’t want assistance.
I will know when the time is right.
I will let you know.”
– Jayne


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With kindness and grace,

Pea Horsley

Animal Communicator


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