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Secrets You Didn’t Know About 2018

Did you realise the energy this year has been coming in waves, as though just when you’re comfortable with one, a new wave comes to take you forward again.

# Secret 1 – It’s Time to Hold More Compassion

We’re at a time when the walls between ours and other dimensions are growing thin and the DNA of the physical body is changing. We are being asked to hold more Light, more Love, and more Compassion. 

In fact all physical bodies are being asked to change but for some of us change is a no go area. Humans can become very habitual, very comfortable and very resistant to other possibilities, let alone the need to change on a personal level. Yet change is desired and change will happen. 

Now is the time to get comfortable with change, because change is inevitable. 

# Secret 2 – It’s Time to Release Limited Thinking

There will be some clutching on to outdated 3-dimensional concepts and ideas, encouraging separation and disharmony. 

Limiting thinking sounds like this:

– I’m not good enough
– I can’t let go
– I can’t forgive
– I don’t deserve it
– I can’t afford it
– I can’t take time off

Most humans do not trust themselves when they receive a piece of information or an answer intuitively because they’re not quite sure where it came from. It’s like they want to follow a set rule where they can draw a line from A to B to explain its journey. Human beings are very capable at sabotaging their own evolution. 

Thankfully, there are others who will be open to new experiences, like animal communication, and who hold a belief that there is so much that is accessible when we release limited linear thinking.

# Secret 3 – It’s Time to View Things From A Higher Perspective

The truth is the human animal is starting to evolve very quickly in order to carry more light. Humans are starting to see things from a much higher perspective. 

We’re all being encouraged to return to our history and clear out anything that’s restricting our progress, anything that we’ve carried forward in our cellular memory that limits our progress.

When we do clear out and resolve anything that restricts our shift we find we can move with the waves of higher energy very easily.

I’m keen to help anyone who is keen to adopt the new waves of energy and wishing to shift their DNA to higher frequencies. 

That’s why I’m inviting you to join me in Hawaii to spend time with the dolphins and whales, 2 – 9 March 2019. You’ll be able to swim (ethically) with the wild Spinner Dolphins and watch the Humpback Whales as they breach and also snorkel with majestic Manta Rays. You’ll be communicating with the dolphins, whales and manta rays too. All of these aspects will raise your energetic frequencies to a whole new level. No snorkelling experience needed, just book up and allow us to support you with every aspect.

New bookings before 31 October 2018 qualify for a £250 saving!!!

By Pea Horsley

Animal Communicator