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Slowing Down Really Works

By 17th October 2019Self Development, Thoughts

If you saw my Facebook post the other week you’ll know that Grace has advised me to SLOW DOWN.

The other message I received was to SURRENDER TO SILENCE.

I took these onboard, as I do when higher wisdom is offered, and I have to say I am feeling SO MUCH BETTER.

It’s an odd time, right? A transitional time from one dimension to another. We’ve caught the Dimensional bus to the fifth dimension. (Or is it Concorde?!)

This makes sense to me.

I feel movement, I feel the speed of time and on another level I know that in order for me to manage and incorporate these deep level changes within my energetic body, I need to go slower.

This is one of the reasons I decided after 15 years to have my last workshop in September rather than my usual November. I know my Soul needs SPACE.

And then there are these weird things happening.

I see something very clearly. I check it, it’s absolutely how I see it. And then someone else looks at it and it’s very different, they can’t understand what I’m talking about. I look again and in fact they’re right, it’s now how they see it.

The floor moved, or rubberised, I’ve spoken about this too.

So to me there is undeniably energy changes happening. Maybe more strongly and more obviously than we have been used to in the past.

And I wonder how this is effecting the animals. So I asked. And you can ask too.

I have the feeling they feel them strongly, but they are not scared, they are flowing, they have a deeper understanding, and why these energies are making them more sensitive than ever they are going with them, flowing with the tide rather than fighting it.

Also in order to manage this movement to a Light state of BE-ing I have changed my diet and taken my health more seriously…putting my Self-Care high up on the agenda of my weekly existence. I am giving my denser, physical self a chance to adjust to the faster, higher frequencies.

And I want to nap…A LOT!

I feel to integrate the changes in and around me this is the only way I have ‘to cope’. I have to make changes to strengthen and lighten myself because those are the energies affecting me so deeply.

As things speed up, I go slow.


As there is angst and division, I bathe in silence.

During chaos, I reconnect stronger with Nature, as part of Her.

I walk Grace, stop, stare off into space and just allow myself to do…NOTHING.

I just AM.


It is a truly exciting time to be manifest on Earth.

How we approach this time, what we do or don’t do is a personal decision.

Whatever path you take I share it with you in LOVE.

Because at the end of the day that’s all there is.



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With kindness and grace,

Pea Horsley

Animal Communicator