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The More I Read About The Amazon

By 2nd September 2019Thoughts, Wild Animals
The more I read about the Amazon
The more I read about public reaction
Individuals reaction
The more despair I feel
And that’s what they want
The ones who want to control us with fear
To get us to give up all hope
We need to stay vibrating in love
In the higher vibrations
We need to stay rooted in our connection with the natural world and not send our negative frequencies into her
Or into the Animals
We need to breathe
So Gaia can breathe
Because if we really accept quantum physics, we know we are all One
And when a dog is sad we have learned not to feel sorry for the dog and overwhelm her with our sad lower energies
We’ve learned the best way we can help the dog is to be calm, relaxed, peaceful and to give her hope that things can change and to vision that they will change
We’ve learnt to be love, to share love
When we respond to the destruction of the planet we need to express change led from compassion and love, not anger and desolation
I believe the Planet is asking us
Each and everyone one of us
What do we believe
Do we believe we’re helpless?
Do we believe the only way to change force is with more force?
It’s not what I’ve learned from the animals
They believe in community
They believe in unity
They embody empathy and express compassion
And more than anything animals are Love
This is what draws us to them
They vibrate highly
And now we need to do this more than ever
Where there are low frequencies, we go High
Where there is hatred, we respond with kindness
This is how I envision we change what is happening
We meet everything with high frequencies
Because when we want to create a shift from low to high that’s where we need to be ourselves
So I send love to the trees
The Animals
The Earth
I sign petitions calling to an end with compassion in my heart as I do so
I donate to organisations at the front line trying to achieve change on behalf of the masses
And I make sure I am coming from a place of integrity
Am I consciously awake?
What is driving the fires?
Why are they being lit in the first place?
When we look deeper we understand that is comes down to corporate intentions stemming from supply and demand
In layman’s terms
And the product on offer for that profit is cow meat, and it’s soybeans and corn
Some people will switch off here and stop reading, because it feels challenging or confronting
Because to read this and not deny it, means on a personal level we need to make a change
When we say I won’t put my money there, the demand dries up and ceases to exist
When companies no longer make profit, they no longer exist as companies
While our planet is suffering so, we remember we are a part of this planet, not apart from it
What we give out, comes back to us
If we continue to live our lives as we are we know what’s going to happen
Companies will gain more profit; trees will be burnt, animals will suffer and die, and the land will be sold off for products that make money
The lungs of this planet, which we are custodians and guardians, will no longer breathe for us
Maybe that is what humanity is seeking?
I know I’m not
Are you?
Change begins today, because Today is what we can create
Change begins with the man in the mirror
Change begins with the woman in the mirror
Today is where we can make a difference
From this day, aim high
Take small actions for positivity that ripple effect big changes
You, I and everyone has the power in their thoughts and fingertips for good
The planet is asking us, what do you want?
Will you use your power?
Will you restore balance to the natural world?
My heart is full of Hope and Love for the changes needed to restore Balance to the Natural World


Jacquar as a Power Animal

  • The jaguar represents power and courage, they encourage us to face our fear and to embrace the power of the unknown as a means to release our own fears. 
  • The jaguar can offer you lessons about reclaiming your inner power through awakening to your inner core energy.
  • The largest of South America’s big cats was a sacred figure that lived outside the confines of structured society and was considered the “lord of the animals.”
Call on Jacquar

Call on Jacquar to give you guidance and support as you move forward with courage to release fears and embody your power.


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By Pea Horsley

Animal Communicator, TEDx Speaker, Hay House Author, Inspiring Teacher