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How to Communicate Telepathically with Animals

By 5th September 2019July 20th, 2022Animal Communication Made Easy, Self Development

When we watch and listen to animals they are able to help us live to our full potential. As humans we gain so much from our close relationships to other species. They have profound effects on us which range from the simple way they can calm and relax us emotionally and physically to the deeper ways they touch us on a spiritual level. Do you want to know how to communicate telepathically with animals?

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Animals are enriching for both our body and soul. As animal lovers we know and experience animals as sentient and intuitive beings who have the means to communicate with us in many ways. Most people are finely attuned to the body language the animal they love expresses, some are also connecting with and feeling their animal’s emotions, whether consciously or unconsciously. Then there is the next step in communication – telepathic.


It’s Not a Gift

I believe that animal communicators are no more gifted than the next person. We’re all born into this world equipped to connect with other animals and all life, whether that is the trees, the ocean or our best four-legged friend.

When we spend time with our animal (or a human we love) we are already sensing what the animal is feeling and most of the time we understand why too. Communicating with an animal takes this natural connection a step further into a two-way exchange.


A Practical Guide

An intuitive exchange with any animal; cat, dolphin or centipede, begins the same way:

  1. First with physical cues from body language.
  2. Secondly, from the silent language of our heart connection.

By following a simple step-by-step practice we can all hone our innate ability to communicate with other animals. It’s really a remembering, because as you read this you are already equipped with the tools needed to form an intuitive telepathic exchange with another sentient being.

Since I began communicating with animals back in 2004 I’ve thought a lot about how I communicate with them. I’ve looked into the steps I take, what serves the communication, and what prevents and blocks it.

I’ve looked into ways to overcome a confidence crisis or my own resistance. I’ve tried and tested numerous ways to get through self-doubt and how to grow in confidence and I’ve shared these methods and techniques with the thousands of students I’ve taught worldwide. I’ve also coached and encouraged participants on the animal communication retreats I facilitate with wild and free animal in their natural habitat. I’ve found that keeping it simple works best and it’s how the animals like it.


Try Animal Communication Yourself – The 5-Step Technique

Start any communication with an animal with respect, with grace, with reverence. The vibrational frequencies of this approach will encourage the animal to be open and receptive to you. Practice this technique and see how you go.

The Heart-to-Heart Connection with Animals

  1. Rest your hands on your heart and breathe gently in and out.
  2. Once you are feeling relaxed in your body, drop your attention down to your heart and feel your love for your animal or the animal you wish to connect with.
  3. Express your heart’s love to the animal, which you can also visualize as a soft beam of light connecting you to them.
  4. Silently or vocally ask the animal for permission to communicate with them.
  5. If you don’t feel or sense any resistance, start expressing yourself to them and be open to anything you receive in return. Keep it light at the beginning and progress to deeper enquiry as you increase trust and confidence.


Sticking Points

Once you’ve experienced your first communications with animals you may start recognizing some sticking points. When we begin anything we consider new there are always ups and downs and the journey of animal communication is no different. But like most things we want to learn the main issue sabotaging our progress is ourselves.

In animal communication we need to connect with our inner grace. We can do this by quieting down the mental mind chatter and bringing all of our focus to the present moment.


Presence is the key to communicating with animals


One moment we may be wandering along a path recalling a conversation or thinking about things we would like to achieve and our connection with nature seems remote. But if we stop – breathe – notice – we can transcend the do-ingness of human life and step into what we are all born to be – human be-ings.


A Simple Solution to Stickiness

There is a simple solution for every sticky, doubting, frustrating, tearful moment of ‘I just can’t do this’. When you desire too much you unintentionally become clingy. How this expresses itself is that you fail to trust and trust is everything in animal communication. Seeking certainty and accuracy will get you nowhere fast. It’s just the wrong approach.

I encourage you to let go and trust the flow of life itself. Live in alignment with, rather than against, the Flow. Being in the flow is when the energy exchanges between you and the animal occur effortlessly. You are there in the present moment, anchored in love and grace, and coming from a place of neutrality. You become a part of Nature, you are Nature, and connected across all of space and time. There is no separation. You and the animal are as one.

When you get stuck recall this simple solution and repeat it out loud three times.

The Three Truths:

  1. We are all part of divine consciousness
  2. Love creates alignment with all creation
  3. We can all listen with our heart

When you refocus your lower frequency emotions of anxiety, fear, and self-doubt to the three points of The Three Truths you raise your vibration higher to the frequency of love (500Hz) and you align yourself with Source, with Nature, with Grace, and you become such a bright Light that many animals will be enthusiastic to communicate and share with you.


To learn how to be an animal communicator, take my online course Animal Communication Made Easy.

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By Pea Horsley

Animal Communicator