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What’s your Power Animal?

By 15th August 2017September 2nd, 2017Self Development

Power animals are animals in body, spirit or an archetype that wishes to guide, protect and empower you. Sometimes they are called Totem Animals or your Spirit Guide.

In shamanistic traditions, power animals can empower you by teaching you their character traits and protect you from injury or harm. But not everyone gets the joyful Dolphin or majestic Eagle.

Don’t dismiss the little ones. An ant can be just as helpful as a giraffe or humpback whale. They show up in lots of different ways and sometimes the animals’ you share your life with at home will be a power animal to you.

When Liz attended my wild animal course it was really more to accompany her friend. She had an amazing experience when she discovered her power animal for the first time.

This is Liz’s story.

“Before the course I knew little of you or your work. My husband had heard you interviewed on the radio and Mary, my sister-in-law had attended a workshop run by another lady. It was Mary who suggested I attend your wild animal weekend. I came with a completely open mind ready to meet new people and gain the skills to interact with the animals I love.

At that first session of breathing in preparation to engage with a much-loved animal I was overwhelmed by the arrival of a huge Lion. He filled every part of my mind and obliterated the image of my gorgeous black Labrador.
The Lion refused to budge. Patiently, both you and he explained his purpose in my life. He was then present at every communication session and considering my inexperience and amazement gave me a significant number of correct answers from the animal teachers.

During the meditation where you guided us to discover the power animal in each of our chakras, the force from my Lion was so strong; the person next to me felt it, even though we were not even touching.

When you asked us to pull a card from the Power Animal oracle deck I suppose I should not have been surprised when I picked Lion. Nor a couple of days later when I unpacked my copy of Stephen Farmer’s Animal Spirit Guides and it fell immediately open at the Lion page.

When I agreed to write about my lion, Ambrose, I notice that you use the French spelling of Ambroise who incidentally was a Norman poet who chronicled the exploits of Richard Coeur de Lion. I have not yet asked which my Lion prefers but I will.

I feel that I have embarked on a fantastic journey. It was a most enlightening weekend.”
– Liz

If you’re interested in discovering and working with your power animals, as well as learning to sense other people’s, you may be interested in the ‘Empowering Animals’ workshop held annually.

Learn more here: Workshops & Events.