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Why do animals take on our human issues?

By 5th March 2018April 6th, 2018Animal Healers & Teachers, Self Development

If you’re still asking the question, ‘Do animals take on our issues?’ The answer is yes, some do.

There are animal communicators worldwide who understand that some animals become ill as a consequence of taking on their human’s issues. They’ve also discovered an amazing solution guardian’s can utilise to help their animals become well again.

When the human accepts their animal’s message and makes some changes to their own life, their animal’s health improves. Bear in mind, this only works when the animal’s illness is directly tied to their guardian’s wellbeing.

Examples where animals helped humans

I communicated with a cat who groomed obsessively to get the guardian to look at her addiction problem. And another who developed an eating problem to get their guardian to address their eating disorder. A bird pulled out feathers in order for their guardian to empower themselves.

Horses are also excellent healers. Sometimes a horse isn’t throwing their person because they have a bad back or hoof issue; they’re trying to get their human’s attention over something they are doing, thinking or avoiding.

I’ve known animals who created illness or imbalance so that their guardian starts to learn a healing modality and then they become a healer. Or the guardian researches their animal’s illness to then share solutions with other people for their own animals via a forum or website. The animals become the catalyst for their human to become empowered and in turn help others.

My own dog, Morgan, created a physical block inside his body in order to get me to face an emotional block of my own. Over the course of a week he was dying.Two different vets couldn’t help. Thankfully, I was able to understand the issue and immediately went to work on releasing it. As soon as I acted, Morgan released his physical block and made a miraculous recovery.

Animals will go to great lengths to help us face difficulties and improve our lives. This act of reciprocal altruism is called Mirroring in animal communication.

So why do they do it?

Animals are aware of how much we love them, and in many cases how little we love ourselves. They understand that we may not go to the lengths needed to benefit ourselves but we will do something for them that in turn helps us too.

Animals wish us to live balanced lives. They want us to release our past and let go of our ‘story’ so that we can enjoy our life by living in the present. They try to help us in sensitive, caring, loving ways but when these don’t get us to make changes they’ll try and do something more attention grabbing.

We are so energetically merged with our animal companions that we can also make them ill by creating a toxic environment. For instance, through lack of self-care, self-destructive living or being mean spirited. We’re affected by each others energies, consciously or unconsciously.

But is this the role of all animals?

I would say not, because, like us, other animals are at different stages of their development. I believe some animals reincarnate with a mission in mind and will come to us to fulfill a specific role or job in our life. Others come for their own evolution and learn alongside us. Often, we’re learning alongside each other at the same time.

Can’t we just tell them to stop?

It’s not as simple as that. Animals are on a spiritual path and may wish to help. Often there are agreements in place to reflect one another. This doesn’t mean that every animal becomes unwell because of his or her guardian. If an animal gets ill, don’t assume you are at fault. There are many reasons why an animal can become sick. E.g. Genetics, breeding, vaccination, diet, environment, stress, poor immunity etc.

It’s not possible to fake how we feel with an animal either. They feel our energy and can sense incongruence. I believe this is why some dogs will growl at a person who appears perfectly harmless on the surface.

What we can do:

  1. Work through our own challenges – physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.
  2. Make positive choices and be self-aware.
  3. Communicate! Once you’ve learned how to communicate with animals, take time to talk to them. Discuss how you’re feeling, what you aim to do about changing things for the better and ask them for their help or advice. Animals worry more about us when they think we’re not aware of how out of balance we’ve become. Assure them that you want to keep them healthy and ask them not to take on your issues while you work through them.


  • Animals can often express underlying emotions that are suppressed in their person.
  • Some animals take on illness before it manifests in their human’s body, including cancer.
  • Animals heal us by drawing away energies of illness and then process it in their own bodies.
  • We attract animals to us in order to help each other through past trauma, present problems and to teach new skills.
  • Animals have their own spiritual paths and are able to make their own choices.
  • Animals incarnate with certain goals to accomplish, often helping people to wake up and reach their destiny.
  • It is often through nurturing our animals that we also care for an aspect of ourselves.

Share Your Experiences

If you’ve experienced animals helping you and mirroring, please share your story on my Facebook page. I’m sure there are goats, squirrels, rabbits, hamsters and many other creatures who’ve helped lead you towards a more balanced, healthy life.

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By Pea Horsley, Animal Communicator