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Your Ultimate Guide To Sacred Geometry Symbols

Your Ultimate Guide To Sacred Geometry Symbols and What They Mean

The composition of the universe isn’t limited to water, air, elements, or even stardust. Scholars, mystics, artists, and philosophers all agree that the natural world – and everything we humans create within it – is marked with timeless, repeating symbols.

Sacred geometry, the ancient study of the patterns and shapes found throughout our universe, offers a glimpse into this divine blueprint of creation. For those seeking a deeper connection with the world around them, these symbols are an opportunity to enhance our thoughts, emotions, and spiritual well-being.

From the infinite Circle to the harmonious Platonic Solids, here’s how sacred symbols connect the living world.

The Triangle

Representing the number three, the Triangle is imbued with strength, stability, and balance. You may associate it with common trios like mind, body, and spirit, or, if you have Christian affiliations, the Holy Trinity. No matter how you interpret it, the power of the triangle lies in its ability to unify different concepts into one harmonious whole.

In nature, triangles are seen in the structure of mountains, crystals, and certain leaves. In the human world, they’re foundational in architecture – think pyramids and trusses.

Unfortunately, some people mistake the sacred power of the triangle for its negative association with groups like the Illuminati and the Eye of Providence. But don’t let these groups’ capitalisation of the symbol deter you – by taking it back, we can reclaim its sacred code for good.

The Square

Water, earth, fire, and air — and the four cardinal directions — come together in the enduring symbol of the Square. Embodying balance, order, and a solid foundation, the Square is a grounded symbol that evokes stability.

Humans have long relied on the square to guide architecture and urban planning, often using it as the basis for buildings, rooms, and city layouts. Squares are also found hidden in artwork from every time period.

Though squares are rare in the natural world, they can be found in the crystalline structure of minerals and rock formations.

To attract structure and reliability to your life, the sacred symbolism of the Square can help ground you and bring you back to earth.

The Circle

Understanding the cyclical nature of life and the universe is essential in every journey of self-discovery. Enter the Circle – a symbol of unity, infinity, and wholeness. With its endless, unbroken form, the Circle perfectly signifies eternity and the true interconnectedness of life on Earth, and beyond.

It’s easy to spot the Circle in nature. The sun, the moon, the planets, even the rings of tree trunks — the Circle forms naturally in every corner of the universe. In the animal world, the Circle is also seen in nests, eyes, and patterns on a wide array of species.

Humans, on the other hand, rely on creating circles. Wheels, clocks, and architectural designs such as domed ceilings have driven human development for millennia. And where would we be without the Circle of life itself?

The Spiral

While the Square and Circle represent stability and repetition, the Spiral represents growth, evolution, and perpetual motion. With dynamic energy expanding outward from a central point, some say the journey of life itself is summarised by the Spiral.

In nature, Spirals are everywhere, from the shape of tornadoes and galaxies to the formation of snail shells and molluscs. When this natural phenomenon is revealed, the Spiral tends to be shockingly mathematically accurate. For example, the Fibonacci sequence drives the shape of sunflower seed spirals.

Spirals are also integral to art and architecture. Ancient carvings are riddled with spirals, and even modern homes deploy spiral staircases.

Prolific in nature and symbolising the continuous unfolding of life and the universe, the Spiral is nothing short of sacred.

Sacred geometry doesn’t stop in the second dimension. With identical faces, edges, and angles, the Five Platonic Solids expand their power to the third dimension:

  • The Tetrahedron represents fire with four equilateral triangles
  • The Hexahedron (Cube) represents Earth with six square faces
  • The Octahedron represents air with eight equilateral triangles
  • The Dodecahedron represents spirit with twelve pentagonal faces
  • The Icosahedron represents water with twenty equilateral triangles

Both physically and metaphysically, the Five Platonic Solids represent the building blocks of the entire universe.

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Pea Horsley is an international teacher, TEDx speaker and bestselling author of 3 books including ‘Heart to Heart’ and ‘The Animal Communicator’s Guide’, which have been translated into nine languages, online course Animal Communication Made Easy, and creator of the Conversations with Nature World Summit. Pea is the UK’s most highly regarded animal communicator and wild animal retreat facilitator. Join Pea’s membership, The Pride, and be part of a global community listening to a council of animals advising humanity and together forging real transformation.