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Frequently Asked Questions for Workshops

We are all born intuitive and children are particularly skilled as communicators because they’re very much in the moment. As we grow older our society discourages us from listening to our sixth sense, which often diminishes or vanishes until we tune into it again. Every year or two, I offer a Children’s Animal Communication Workshop for the younger people.

Practice and self-development. To communicate it requires a lot of practice, just like learning a foreign language. It also takes heaps of silent focus and patience.

I can also help you 1-2-1 through the Bring Your Animal Communication To Life VIP-training.

If distance is tricky, I can mentor you remotely via Skype or Zoom through the In-The-Flow Professional Mentoring programme.

I would prefer you join the Introduction to Animal Communication workshop because an online remote learning experience is very different from a group workshop with visiting animal guest-teachers. This will give you the strongest foundation to take you further.

That will depend on when you attended and if you’ve been practicing in the meantime. You’re welcome to send me a quick email with your experience and then I can advise you of the best next step.

Meditate as much as you can before attending. If this is a struggle aim to sit in stillness for 15 minutes each day and keep your focus on your breathing. Every time your mind wanders bring it back to your breath.

I advise you practice as much as you and even attend a second beginner’s workshop to build your confidence and to help you learn more about how your individual style of communication. When you feel ready you can attend an intermediate workshop with me. I recommend the Body Scanning workshop as your second experience, followed by Life, Loss and Love and then Empowering Animals.

If you are a beginner, start with the Introduction to Animal Communication workshop. If you have already started communicating with animals take a look at the different subjects I offer at intermediate level.

When we start communicating with animals we find there is much more to our fellow species than we first thought and our relationship blossoms and our understanding increases with all life. Animal communication increases harmony, empathy and compassion between species. It helps us to evolve as a sentient being of the animal kingdom and to recognize our co-species as just that, our animal-relatives, our brothers and sisters of biodiversity.

Yes, it is my deep belief that everyone has the potential to be an animal communicator. Interspecies communication is a universal language and part of our birthright. I can help you recognize your own ability to communicate with animals and help you develop that ability so you can communicate with the animals you love.