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For some insight into animal communication, ways the work has been beneficial for animals and what I’ve learnt along the way, please listen to the tele-classes, conversations and BBC interviews.

Animal Communication: A Way of Life

The Intuitive Pet Parent Summit bitesize interview

Pea discusses how people can believe they have this ability within themselves, verification and the most important part of communicating with animals. Pea also answers the question, ‘Is death an illusion?’


Animal Communication Teleclass
Communicating with Wild Animals and understanding their thoughts and feelings, including a Meditation with Chandra, a White Lion.

Pea discusses what it’s like to communicate with wild animals and receive their messages. How meeting a species we fear we can face the truth of who that individual really is and recognise the way they wish to help us. Pea also guides you in a meditation to meet Lion King, Chandra, to gain deep insights and wisdom from him personally.


BBC London Radio interviews with Joanne Good

25th June, 2023

17th August, 2012

17th March, 2011

3rd March, 2010

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