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Bring Your Animal Communication To Life

Your VIP Training Session takes place outside in Nature

Choose between the Cheetah or Humpback Whale packages based on your current ability and preferred choice of learning experience.

Pea with Italian cat

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Cheetah Fast & Intense

9.30am – 1.00pm

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Humpback Whale Deep Dive

9.30am – 3.30pm

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Bring Your Animal Communication To Life is a bespoke training service provided by Animal Thoughts Ltd. Your tutor, Pea Horsley, will tailor the VIP-Training to meet your specific experience and learning outcomes.

What To Expect

During this training time you will have my undivided attention and the benefit of my many years of experience communicating with animals.

No question is too silly and I can reassure you your session is totally confidential.

You will be given the VIP treatment.

During our time together we will discuss your current experience and the obstacles that keep you from being the successful animal communicator you envision.

Then I will tailor time to address the core areas that need focus and development, giving you practical tools and methods to use as you practice, and leaving you feeling energized and empowered for the next steps on your animal communication journey.

Choose between the Cheetah or Humpback Whale packages based on your current ability and preferred choice of learning experience.

How To Prepare:

Check the weather forecast the previous evening and dress appropriately for sitting and walking outside in Nature on earth paths and grass. Casual is best. If it’s raining we’ll try and spend more time under tree cover or if necessary inside the café (which could be noisy), but this is a last resort. Think thick warm socks and walking shoes or wellies.

Let go any expectations and judgments these will not serve your development. Take time to complete your registration form because it helps Pea tailor your bespoke training and understanding of what you are hoping to gain from your time together.

Bring with you:

A curious mind, a desire to learn and most importantly an open heart. Be willing to be guided gently out of your comfort zone.

Who are these VIP-trainings for?

People who are serious about progressing and wish to be efficient animal communicators are the ideal match for Pea’s in-person VIP-training.

These people already know that the investment is worth it.

If you consider these options beyond your reach you can consider attending a group workshop learning experience with Pea. Prices range from £90+

  • People who prefer to learn on a one-to-one, face-to-face basis away from the group energy dynamics.
  • People with a lot of questions who don’t want to share Pea’s time and expertise with anyone else.
  • People who want to take their communication further but don’t know where to start.
  • People who love Pea’s calm and grounded nature and wish to learn from her on a more relaxed personally honed learning experience.
  • People who adore nature and prefer to hone their communication with animals while enjoying the connection that nature and wild animals provide.
  • People who are short on time and can’t commit to a full day.
  • People who have attended workshops with Pea and who are now ready to boost their ability to the next level with short sharp support.

Cheetah (short & intense)

9.30am – 1.00pm

10.00am Discovery Session – Foundation and Roots

11.15am Refreshment break and conversation

11.45am Development Session – Trunk and Branches

12.30pm Reflection Session

12.45pm Return to car

1.00pm Drop Off at Wimbledon Station.

Is this for you?

This is recommended for those brand new to animal communication, those with very little experience, or people short on time.

Praise for Bring Your Animal Communication To Life

“My one to one session with Pea was for me a complete experience. I received all the information I was hoping to receive and I had a glimpse into another world, a magical world, that I am looking forward to working towards joining.”

– Katie White

Humpback Whale (a long deep dive)

9.30am – 3.30pm

10.00am Discovery Session – Foundation

11.15am Refreshment break and conversation

11.45am Discovery Session – Roots

12.45pm Lunch and conversation (continued exploration/reflection)

1.45pm Development Session – Trunk and Branches

3.15pm Return to car

3.30pm Drop Off at Wimbledon Station.

Is this for you?

This is recommended for those who have some good experience of animal communication, awareness of some blocks, wish to go slower or maximize this opportunity for 1-2-1 learning time with Pea.

Praise for Bring Your Animal Communication To Life

“It was a great session, despite some rain. I was very content with what I took home from my session with Pea. I felt it was much bigger than just animal communication it was more of self discovery and it continues. I’m glad I’ve done it and since the session there isn’t anything I would change, not even the weather!”

– Beyeon Kwon


“It was the best decision of my life to travel 8 1/2 hours from Holland to London to have this 1-2-1 VIP in-person training day with Pea. This day finally helped me to really see myself and understand that after 3 1/2 years of studying animal communication with different amazing teachers “I am good enough” to call myself an animal communicator now.”

– Roberta Aiello


“To get the most from this course you need to abandon your preconceptions and open your heart and your mind. You also need to trust yourself.

The day was nothing like I expected and was all the better for it. Learning to observe and listen to nature was fascinating. When I tried to communicate with animals I was inclined to think I was making it up. But it turned out I wasn’t. I chose a picture of a cat to communicate with and wrote down the thoughts as they came into my head. Pea said my comments were pretty accurate, but for further confirmation it turned out that there was a chapter about Stewart in Pea’s book Heart to Heart. I chose him at random but could compare my notes with the book when I got home – there was no doubt – I had reached him! A wonderful feeling and a great confidence boost.

I understand that as I businessman pushing 60 I am not the typical participant profile. But I wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone who is serious about wanting to communicate with animals. A life-enhancing, mind-expanding experience. Thank you, Pea.”

– Richard Thoburn, aged 59 3/4!


“I am really happy I chose to work with Pea one-to-one. I feel inspired and more confident and trusting of this path. The day was tailored around me and my particular needs at this time and my questions and concerns were answered and addressed in a loving, compassionate and honest way. The beautiful common surrounded by grace and natures love was the perfect setting, I felt held and nurtured by nature and by Pea and was able to be very honest and open and vulnerable.

Within 10 minutes my barriers were down and I was able to bare my soul and fears and Pea met me with gentleness and love and very practical guidance and suggestions. She drew me out and helped me release resistance and doubt. I was able to understand what was holding me back and let it go after examining it and approaching it from different angles and connecting with my truth.

I connected with trees, swans, ducks and dogs and met many wonderful animal guides including a gorgeous horse who re-affirmed for me my deep inner knowing in Pea’s presence. Today has helped me get clear on what I want and how I can start allowing it in my life. Pea has helped me reach deep inside where I know the answers and can trust what shows up and can trust my ability to connect and commune with animals and nature. I also re-connected with my own loving animals and could feel them cheering me on and supporting me and encouraging me on this journey.

On a practical level learning more about Pea’s personal journey and hearing her thoughts on how I might best proceed was invaluable. It’s been a beautiful, magical and life-affirming day and I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to go deeper into this work.”

– Piya Khanna

Two VIP-training Options

Cheetah Fast & Intense £450

9.30am – 1.00pm

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Humpback Whale Deep Dive £700

9.30am – 3.30pm

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