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Bring Your Animal Communication To Life

Cheetah VIP-Training in Nature

Fast & Intense: 9.30am – 1.00pm

What happens next?

Once your registration is received, myself or my team will be in touch with you to arrange a suitable date for your VIP-Training.

I aim to provide your VIP-training within an 8-week period, if not sooner, but very occasionally due to pre-booked commitments my end or your own busy timetable, the training date may be outside this period. I do understand once you register you’ll be keen to meet up and I’ll try to honour that.

Information will be emailed to you about your VIP-training, meeting options, outdoor environment, what to bring etc.

Booking Terms & Conditions

Refund policy

Your payment is 100% non-refundable. Once your payment is made booking is confirmed and there are no refunds. No refunds will be given for any additional expenses you may incur due to a cancellation or a change of date, whether that cancellation or change is instigated by yourself or Pea Horsley.

Should Pea Cancel

If Pea should fall ill or is unable to attend due to an emergency, you will be given the opportunity to book a new date for your training.


We do understand that sometimes life has another idea and despite our best efforts it may be impossible to attend. We do allow one date change for genuine emergencies. No changes are permissible within 24 hours of the appointment. Transport issues do not apply.


Should you arrive late for the pick up your booking period remains the same and will end at the booked Drop Off at 1.00pm or 3.30pm.

Over 1-hour Late

After 1-hour, at 10.30am, your appointment will be cancelled. There are no refunds.


No materials or advice given will be shared beyond yourself. The booking you made is in your name only. All training, verbal or written, provided by Animal Thoughts, is 100% copyrighted and cannot be reproduced.

By making a payment you are forging a booking contract with Animal Thoughts and agreeing to the terms and conditions stated here.

Release of Liability

By purchasing training through Animal Thoughts, I am agreeing to the Animal Thoughts Release of Liability. The provider Animal Thoughts/Pea Horsley shall have no liability to the customer/student for any claim in respect to the training. All information shared in Animal Thoughts training are to facilitate health and well-being and not intended to be a replacement for veterinary advice. We do not diagnose medical issues or offer medical advice. Please seek a trusted veterinarian. I am aware animals utilised in the training may be nervous. As a student I have been made aware of this and take full responsibility for my interactions with them and for the safety of others that may be affected by my actions. Any close contact with an animal is at my own risk. I hereby release and hold harmless Pea Horsley and Animal Thoughts business and associates from liability due to accident or damage to self or animal, and/or property, and from loss of property during any training. Attending any Animal Thoughts training denotes acceptance of this release of liability.