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What are the baggage requirements?

There is a very strict policy for your luggage on the light aircrafts.*

  • Luggage weight limit per person 20 kg’s – inclusive of hand luggage and camera equipment
  • Luggage type: Soft sided, non-rigid bag
  • Luggage dimensions: 25cm wide x 30cm high x 62cm long
  • This is a safety requirement due to the sensitive weight and balance checks on the small aircraft and must be strictly adhered to
  • Routing: It is important to note that due to the number of movements operated by the small craft airline, guests may make up to three stops when transferring

No hard edges are allowed on or in your soft bag luggage. This includes handles, frames, wheels, etc. They have to be able to squish into a tight space. You will need a bag similar to these or possibly a rucksack that fits the strict dimensions.

*’Handling of incorrect luggage: Guests who have not adhered to the luggage guidelines will not be able to depart on the scheduled charter. They will be given the option to book a private charter at additional costs, subject to availability. There are no refunds for missed scheduled charters, accommodation, transfers, and missed elements of the retreat. Additional costs are at your own account.’ – Safari Air

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