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What kind of clothing should I bring?

It is hot! You only need a few light clothes and sandals. Bring a towel for the boat/beach, hat, T- shirts, shorts, maybe a long sleeve t-shirt to cover from the sun, sunscreen (non-oily and reef safe), sarongs, light rain jacket, a journal, special food requirements, vitamins and insect repellant. You do not need boat shoes – we are barefoot on the boat. We also supply refillable water bottles for you on the boat, as well as a small ”boat bag” for you to put your things in. You may need a rash guard or small ‘shortie’ wetsuit if you are sensitive to hot temperatures, perhaps also some yoga leggings to avoid sunburn. As the calendar moves from September into October the temperature only drops a little: you may like a sweater/pullover and sweat/jogging pants for the evening.

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