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Animal Communication With Wasps

By 22nd December 2020Thoughts

I received an email from Dominika about a problem she had with wasps, doing a web search she’d found me and reached out:

I’ve been looking on the internet for some clues on how to deal with a little problem I have and I found your website.

I have wasps that are nesting in between the brick wall and the structure of my house. I have a big dilemma…. I don’t want to kill them (it would break my heart) yet I don’t want them to invade the walls of my house.

Any suggestions? I’m baffled on what it is I should do.


I emailed over this response:

Why don’t you communicate with them and ask them why they are living there? And whether they would consider moving somewhere else?

A neighbour of mine has had wasps living in between her bricks but for years they haven’t entered her home.

Learn to communicate with them and ask them politely to locate to another place to live.

Explain that this is what you’d like them to do and how long they have to locate a new home.

Then explain if they do not move you may get in the insect killers and why.


Dominika wrote back the following week:

Thank you very much for your help. I did communicate with them and their queen. This is what was said.

To the question ‘Why did you choose this place to nest?’

They answered: ‘We like the vibrations here. It’s also safe from the elements and very comfortable.’

To the question ‘Can you relocate?’

They answered: ‘Oh God no! Besides, cold is coming soon and we are in the process of hibernation. You won’t see us for a while.’

To the question ‘Can you relocate later’?

They answered: ‘Must we? It takes a lot of effort to build a nest you know. We are very comfortable here. We’d rather not.’

I then said to the queen, ‘Can you control your population?

She answered ‘Yes I can. I will be careful about it’

I then said ‘Is it possible to be discreet? I am not your enemy, please don’t attack me.’

They said ‘Yes, we will try not to be in your way.’

Again, thank you very much. I feel relieved now 🙂


A few weeks later Dominika wrote with this message:

After I had my conversation with the queen, I began to see some significant changes… I didn’t see them as much and when I did see one or two, they seem to rush back under the stairs where the entrance to their nest is. They don’t fly into my face anymore or try to sting me; they just simply avoid me altogether, which is wonderful!

I feel much better knowing I won’t have to call an exterminator!!

Many times humans hold the opinion that other species are an inconvenience, in the way, or destructive, but when we stop being in such huge denial we can hold our hands up and say, no, that’s not the truth.

The truth is that humans are the most destructive species on planet Earth and we can all make changes to remedy this situation. The power is in our hands, individually we can make a difference, and collectively we can make a difference. The worst we can do is to accept we are not powerful and fall into apathy.

So if you have a concern over wasps, or bees, or mice for that matter, forge a heart-to-heart connection appealing to the one in charge to communicate with you, or the species over-Soul, and listen with open ears. Discuss, negotiate, be kind.

When we realise we are another species of a very large Animal Kingdom, and that we exist as part of Nature, it becomes easier to forge a co-existence that is fluid and works for the greater good.

My thanks go to Dominika for bringing this experience out into the open and for the Queen wasp for co-creating with us to make a better world.

For information about the life cycle of wasps, click here.


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With kindness and grace,

Pea Horsley

Animal Communicator