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Bringing a House Cat Home With Animal Communication Visualisation

I received an email from Charli which said, “Blossom went missing 9 days ago and this was highly unusual. She is a Savannah hybrid and is basically my shadow; where I am Blossy is.”

Charli shares the full story. Here’s what happened…


Blossom Went Missing on 6 March

“Blossy went missing after getting out my kitchen window on Monday evening 6 March. Blossy is a housecat but does go outside if I’m with her.

That evening I called and called but to no avail. I hoped she would return in the morning. Tuesday morning came and still no Blossy.

I went out but no sign of her anywhere. I got in touch with a few cat sanctuaries to put up posts and a photo and people got back with a lot of advice; put her litter tray out, put her favourite toys out, my clothes etc. Anything that she would be familiar with and never give up hope.

I put Blossy’s favourite food out and her favourite catnip treats too. I had started to walk every day in the hope of seeing her, and by the Saturday I was starting to lose that hope.


It Was Grim Determination That Kept Me Going

“I put up posters in all the local shops in the village I live in, offering a reward along with a photo of her. A lovely lady from one of the sanctuaries messaged me on Saturday evening saying if I went out late at night shaking her treat box, that might work too.

On Sunday night it was freezing and sleeting but out I went, and I walked miles grimly shaking that treat box and calling for her.

Cold, tired, and bereft I finally came home and remembered I had seen a PDF on your visualisation technique on CatChat. I downloaded it, read it over and over again until I was ready.


Following the Visualisation for Missing Animals

“I went outside in my back garden and sat down with bare feet on the ground, centering myself. I then closed my eyes, slowed my breathing, and imagined those two doors and that beautiful warm ray of light flowing down through my body, down to my feet (at this point I did not feel the cold).

I touched my heart with my fingers and then sent that love flowing through in the direction I had last seen Blossy. I projected everything into that and what love, cuddles and yummy treats were waiting here for her return.

I then projected the pain and grief I felt if Blossy did not return. How bereft and lonely I would be without her in my life. I cried so much when I projected that pain. I whispered that if she had passed over that maybe it wasn’t our time but that she would forever be in my heart until we met again.

I came back indoors feeling oddly at ease.


The Next Three Days

Monday and Tuesday evening I went out again but this time I had a strange feeling she was close.

On the Wednesday morning something woke me at 5.30am. I’m never up that early except in Summer when I sit outside in the peace watching the sunrises.

A voice is probably the best way to describe it, it kept saying ‘get up and go to the window’.

I got up and sat next to the open window in my living room where at 7.30am Blossy came flying through the window, yowling her gorgeous little head off.

She then launched herself straight into my lap.

Once Blossy was settled, all the good food and treats I promised her were served up with lots of cuddles.


Visualisation Made A Difference

I genuinely believe your visualisation made this possible. Without you, I dread to think what might have been and I will be eternally grateful to you for that.

I just wanted to say thank you ever so much for reuniting Blossy and myself. I am just over the moon, Blossy is home!!!

Much love and light, Charli and Blossy 💜”


Thank you to both Charli and Blossom for sharing your true story and happy ending.

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