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Enhancing Equine Transition

This is a wonderful experience Hilary had with her horse, Schmörli. It may help you when you are faced with letting go of an animal who you love. Understanding another perspective can be both helpful and comforting.

“I really must tell you a story. It’s about Schmörli, my horse…

Schmörli lived to be very old, 40 the vet thinks….a wonderful creature, our friend and teacher.

Before Christmas, Schmörli became ill and seemed tired. At that point a distant acquaintance told me about your online learning course, Animal Communication Made Easy, with your publisher Hay House, which I immediately bought and thoroughly enjoyed.

The next step was ordering your first book, Heart to Heart, which wasn’t available at short notice, so I opted to order your second book, The Animal Communicator’s Guide Through Life, Loss and Love, (another synchronicity!) and it was exactly what I needed to understand what Schmörli was experiencing and needing, quite apart from a different perspective to my own pain.

One evening I was doing one of your exercises and connecting with Schmörli. He always has a great sense of humor and I sensed that he was laughing, so I asked him what the joke was.

He replied, “The grass is greener on the other side!”

He always loved to try and get under the fence to get at the lushest green!

Later that evening I was called out to the stables and shortly after Schmörli transitioned, almost without help.

His reply took on a completely different meaning, and helps me enormously, knowing that all is now well for him, and that the grass is indeed greener where he is now!”


My second book, Life Loss and Love, contains true-life stories from animals expressing how they wish to be supported as they age, grow ill and face their transition.

It came about because my own dog, Morgan, was facing the end of his life. He guided me gently through that time and taught me a lot about how animals view death and what they need from their humans as they approach the end of their life.

There are also communications from animals’ in-spirit who discuss what that’s like and share evidence of their connection and love continuing from the other side.

I’ve also included information about the different types of grieving and ways you can support yourself (or a friend) as well as suggestions to honour the life of your animal friend.

Morgan wanted you to have this book as a supportive and comforting guide. I hope it benefits both you and the animals you love.


With kindness and grace,

Pea Horsley

Animal Communicator


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