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2018: A Year of Love & Compassion

By 16th January 2018April 6th, 2018Thoughts

Animals love to communicate with us and advise us and there is no better time than a new year being birthed. Ask your animals, ‘What is it you’d like me know?’, ‘How can I better serve you?’ or ‘How can I better serve myself?’

At the beginning of the year we often reflect on what happened in the one before and think about what we’d like to happen in the year coming. It’s a good time to retreat for a hour or so to contemplate, ‘What will bring me happiness?’ Because when you are clear on this it’s easier to bring it into being.

As you give yourself this reflective time I want you to know that you are loved. Your animals are loved. The planet is loved. And every living being, plant and tree are loved too.

Love is my focus for you as we wind up the year. Allow this Light bearing Love to reach you and flood your body with the sensation of joy, peace and wholeness.

We are in this together you and me. We are in it together with everyone else too. All the other animals. The ocean. The sky. The sun. The planets and stars. The Universe. We are energy. We are Unity.

Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, whatever you’re feeling, I invite you to take 30 seconds for your-Self in this moment. (Don’t wait for later. Right here, right now. This is your Present.)

A Blessing of Unity & Love by Pea Horsley

Place your hands on your heart, take a deep slow breath and allow yourself to relax. 

Feel your entire body calm. 
Feel the sensation of love in your heart. 
Connect with my love and the love emanating from the Universe. 
This Love is Infinite. 
Feel the love from animals reaching you.
Feel the love you feel for animals reaching them.
Visualise receiving love for yourself and express love outwards for others.
May Love be the focus as we enter 2018.
Transcending fear. Transcending doubt. 
Knowing that we are enough, and we are Loved.
Reaching out with our Compassionate Heart.
Reaching out with Kindness.
Reaching out with Love. 
And so it is.
All is Well. 

May 2018 bring peace to you and your animals.

I look forward to continuing our friendship and making  2018 a positive year for one and all.

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