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Learn How to Communicate with Animals

FREE Livestream Workshops and Practice with Pea Horsley.

I remember when I first came across ‘Animal Communication’ I was skeptical. I didn’t believe in it and thought it was something fanciful influenced by the Doctor Doolittle books. And I’m sad to say I dishonoured it and its sacredness.

Animal Communication is so far removed from fanciful or woo-woo. It’s a grounded experience of being fully present with other animals. Of being so present, that it is possible to enable an exchange of information and truly understand who they are, how they feel, and what they want.

Animal communication is as real as real can be.

When we learn how to communicate with animals, our ego dissolves and we find ourselves listening deeply to the energy transmissions that our beloved cat, dog or horse are expressing to us.

It doesn’t stop there. Using a simple technique, we can expand our connections to enable profound experiences with the birds in the trees, the insects underground, ocean creatures, and all the wild animals co-inhabiting beautiful Mother Earth.

It’s part of your nature

And what I’ve realised since I first discovered that animal communication existed, is that it is not a gift. It is a natural ability we are born, and you are able to hone it just as I have. When I immersed myself into group learning I found my ability developed so much faster. It’s so meaningful sharing space with others with the same passion to communicate with animals.

I really want to see many more animal communicators in the world. For billions of people to remember the art of animal communication and to experience it directly.

Are you someone who is wondering how you can understand your animal companions needs better? We feel confident that the learning and information you receive in this free live streaming event can help you do that.

Are you someone who is struggling with self-doubt and confusion in your communications with animals? We feel confident that our practice sessions can help you with some of those things.

I know not everyone can travel to where I am teaching but they would love to work with me.

Learn to Speak Their Language

This is why I have created a FREE live- streaming teaching called Communicate with Animals.

Over the course of three weekly livestream workshops, you will experience:

  1. Learning to Listen to Animals
  2. Growing Connection with Outdoor Creatures
  3. Embracing Sacred Relationship with the Animal Kingdom

Each workshop includes an invaluable practice session that begins close to home and then expands out to the wild animals of the world.

Come, gather together

You are warmly invited to join me for my live 3-part Communicate with Animals Workshops and Practice, which runs across three Thursday’s on 1st, 8th, and 15th February 2024. Join Communicate with Animals, free here.

Briefly, you will have my experience teaching you for a minimum of three hours, three practical sessions where I will guide you in animal communication practices with your own animals and different species, and you will learn what type of animal communicator you are and how this relates to your animal communication growth and the animal communicator you wish to be.

The event is free but if you would also like to receive the replays, live private Q+A with me, ability to send me a written question, and an extra chance to win The Pride – Animal Wisdom Membership giveaway, you can upgrade to a Front Row Pass ticket here.

Testimonials from 2023:

My cat was SO happy I did this. He came into the room 2 minutes after our communication ended and was very excited: purring and fidgety.
He later sat by me on the sofa in a very peaceful and contented way. Not just the usual sleeping. Magical 😻 ”

– Angie

The class gave me more trust in my Animal Communication skills. Thanks for the sweetness you shared about our amazing loving friendships and connections with the Animals in our lives and in the kingdom and world.”

– Cheryl

“Thank you so much for these 3 sessions you have so generously shared with us. I am so enjoying your teachings. You are a very kind, compassionate, gentle, and caring soul and I am very grateful to have connected with you. You come across as being clear, calm, heart-based and genuine and without all the hype. No wonder the animals love sharing with you!”

– Trish



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Pea Horsley is an international teacher, TEDx speaker and bestselling author of 3 books including ‘Heart to Heart’ and ‘The Animal Communicator’s Guide’, which have been translated into nine languages, online course Animal Communication Made Easy, and creator of the Conversations with Nature World Summit. Pea is the UK’s most highly regarded animal communicator and wild animal retreat facilitator. Join Pea’s membership, The Pride, and be part of a global community listening to a council of animals advising humanity and together forging real transformation.