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Pigeons, Peace & Covid-19

This story comes from Kuwait and is particularly relevant during this Covid-19 lockdown period.

“Hello Pea,

First of all I’m very grateful for everything you shared in the Animal Communication Made Easy Online Course. It’s the best thing I ever enrolled to and the answer to all my questions.

I wanted to share with you a small story.

Three weeks ago our country went into partial lockdown (12h/day) – because of the virus.

On that same day, at the exact time when the lockdown started 5pm, a baby pigeon appeared to have fallen from its nest, within our house borders, and her nest could not be located.

I picked her up and took her in to rehabilitate her until she grew. She is cage free in my home.

One week after that, at exactly 5pm again, another baby pigeon, who couldn’t fly and was full of dirt, was literally right in front of me. He appeared out of no where. Of course, I took him in.

When the female, Rose, was first introduced to the second rescue pigeon, who I named Evian, she was clear at her drawing her boundaries. She welcomed him after two days of meeting him.

Now both pigeons have bonded and doing well indoors cage free with me.

I’m helping them and ensuring they are fit for when it’s time for them to go outdoors.

The beautiful thing is – I feel they are helping me more, during this difficult time – being around them makes me feel at peace and is sending me a message that all will be well!

They also respond amazingly well whenever I communicate visually with them.

Felt like sharing this. Thanks again for everything you do.

Reem, from Kuwait

Pigeons are amazing! They thrive all over the world, side by side with humans, and share a rich history intertwined with ours. As such, they’ve made appearances as iconic symbols in many cultures throughout history. Some cultures believe they represent the spirit, others love, but arguably they are most well-known today as a symbol of peace. “But wait!” you may be thinking, “isn’t the symbol of peace a DOVE?” Well… yes, and no. The bird we commonly picture when we picture the symbol for peace is a white rock dove, also known as a rock pigeon. – www.pigeonrescue.org


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With kindness and grace,

Pea Horsley

Animal Communicator


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