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Spider Communication

By 17th October 2017November 22nd, 2017Thoughts

By a student of animal communication.

“I have just finished reading both of Pea’s books and the story that has just come to mind was prompted by Pea’s communication with a snake in Heart to Heart.

Last week I went into my bathroom and there was a huge spider in the bath…I always put them outside but they always make me jump and “the truth is” I don’t enjoy having to handle them in anyway,…..however, as per usual, I went to get a glass and small plate (to help coax it into the glass) – but it just wouldn’t go in….kept jumping either side of it and I was getting frustrated, (as I was on my way out and didn’t want to be late).

I remembered Pea’s story about overcoming her fear of the snake….I then tried to send love to the spider and connect with it….I wasn’t able to convince myself and as a result neither was I able to convince the spider……so then it hit me…. I would ask my dog, who has transitioned years ago, to help me….I asked him to speak to the spider and tell it “I wished it no harm”… then thought….oh no…it will just hear the word ‘harm’ – so changed my thoughts and said to my dog “I just want to help it” .

Well immediately there seemed like a second of calmness and understanding from both parties…and the spider then walked slowly, with ease, into my glass. I then went to throw it out of the window (of a bungalow) – as I usually do…but just before I did, I had a very strong sense that this was not what was wanted and that the spider wanted to be placed “gently” out of the patio door onto some petals that were on the ground in a flowerbed….. I obliged (I felt a strong obligation to fulfil the request and honour the spider’s trust in me)….and all was well…

The point I think I want to make is…once you have been on an animal communication course, it really does change everything.”

– Dawn Brumham