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Start 2020 Smart

As the New Year begins we all have the opportunity to start over and envision the life we want for ourselves and other animals.

Sometimes intentions fade away before the end of January but it doesn’t have to be like that. We can start 2020 the smart way.

Give Yourself Permission to Succeed for Animals

What is it you really want to achieve in 2020? At the end of each year when you take stock of where you have been, that thing you said you would absolutely achieve, it still eluded you again didn’t it, and now it’s getting ridiculous. What’s that one thing that’s been on your to-do list for eons?

Do you wish to get more involved with animals and sharing the truth of who they are?

Do you want to make a difference to a particular species?

When thinking about animals what makes you feel frustrated, angry or sad? What immediately jumps to mind? Now think about how you can make a difference for this animal or this species? What is it you can action?

There is always something we can do, and however small it may seem, making a difference in anyway is what counts.

Each day gives us a chance to be in service to others, and in so doing to learn, grow, and to become a better version of ourselves.

Start Your Year The Smart Way

Begin by looking over what you liked about your life in 2019 and make a list down one column. Then look over what didn’t work out for you and list it into another column.

Now make your wish list of where you’d like to be in 2020 in a third column. How do you see your year unfolding? How do you want to express yourself in the world? If success can be guaranteed how would you change your life? It’s an exciting new year and a new you.

Here are some ideas to inspire your own.

–       Communicate every day with an animal
–       Volunteer for your local animal rescue
–       Foster animals and help them settle before adoption
–       Take up Reiki healing for yourself and animals close to you
–       Do the veganuary challenge
–       Replant the Amazon – plant a tree
–       Offset your flight carbon footprint using the calculator
–       Take 10 of the 100 Steps to a plastic free life
–       Raise awareness about a species you’re passionate about
–       Do something that scares you a little – step outside your comfort zone!

I’ve decided to to create 12 intentions and commit to one in each month of the year. I’ll make them doable so that I’m always able to achieve them as this will motivate me forward to the next month. I’m also committing to doing at least one thing that scares me a little and forces me to expand my comfort zone.

Whether you wish to become more organised, reduce your stress, be less grumpy, manage your time more efficiently, be more independent/brave/playful or to watch less TV and read more books, you choose. And don’t forget to think about the animals and natural world too!

If you’re already communicating with animals, why not ask them what they feel you can change? Get into conversation with them and ask them what they feel is important and how to achieve it.

The Year of Spirituality

In numerology 2020 is a year 4. It’s a year of spirituality; we’re being invited to go within and to nurture an inner life and to honour our spiritual legacies. A year 4 is solid and stabilising, but it’s also going to be a lot of work. It will be important to take care of your health and to sleep well to avoid stress and fatigue.

2020 can be the most wonderful for you and the animals or species you are passionate about; envision it, act on it and surrender to the flow. Whatever you choose to do with your year, I know it will involve expansion.

2020 is going to be your best year yet!

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With kindness and grace,

Pea Horsley

Animal Communicator