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What to Know Before Hiring an Animal Communicator

Animal communication is our gateway to building truly empathic, heartfelt connections with other species in order to understand them better. But it’s essential to know what to look for when searching for a professional animal communicator.


What Makes a Great Animal Communicator?

An animal communicator is someone who has trained to hear an animal’s thoughts, empathise with their emotions, and communicate compassionately with them in order to decipher how they truly feel. But animal communicators are not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution – they each bring their own skill-set, style, and expertise. It takes years and years of training, learning, and hands-on experience to become a competent, compassionate, and considerate animal communicator.

The best animal communicators are trained to listen telepathically to animals. A combination of intuition, energy, intention, and practical experience allows a good communicator to understand each animal’s unique disposition, sentiment, and thoughts.

They should be able to grasp any issues from the animal’s perspective, and present these in coherent terms to you. Whether that’s unearthing new information, offering a solution to a problem, or answering your questions about your animal companion.


What to Expect From Your Animal Communicator

A level of scepticism is only natural when exploring something so different to what we’ve been raised to believe, however this is the time to tap into one’s heart and see if this resonates with you. Just like trying to read a human’s thoughts, it is almost impossible for an animal communicator to reach a 100% accurate conclusion. This is just the reality of communicating without language.

Leaving your expectations at the door is sensible – any prejudice or closed-mindedness can ruin the experience for both you and your animal communicator. It can only take one session to discover everything you seek. You may begin to perceive a difference in the animal’s demeanour or wellness – perhaps a newfound comfort they seem to radiate in their environment, or the manner in which they interact with you or other sentient beings. You may receive evidence from them in their afterlife. This is a normal result, and you it’s ok to trust the process.


Do Animal Communicators Offer Any Kind of Guarantee for Their Work?

Ultimately, if something really doesn’t feel right to you during your animal communication meeting, or you find yourself listening to things you know aren’t true, then it’s alright to raise your concerns. Like any other professional, animal communicators are open to feedback, and would rather get the chance to clarify their perspective rather than leaving you feeling unsatisfied.

Know where you stand and what they’ll do if things go awry, or you are unhappy with your session. For example, if the communicator is unable to establish clear and accurate communication with your animal in the first initial connection. Reputable animal communicators will offer a refund if a client is dissatisfied and a money-back guarantee on their website.

In my client work I work the other way round because it puts all my clients at ease; there is no charge until a connection is established and then together my client and I agree to move forward with the consultation.


In Summary

The purpose of hiring an animal communicator is to help illuminate the innermost feelings and thoughts of your animal friends, enabling you to rectify any potential misunderstandings and help strengthen your relationship.

Animal communication is a very personal and intimate process, so keep an open mind and try to find a professional who resonates with you. Take time to review their website to feel if they are a good energetic match for you, look them up and seek out their social media pages to check out their work and public response. Question how many years they have been working, do they have any testimonials you can read, what about talks they’ve given, or free resources. Even better, get a recommendation from a friend. Everyone has their special area of interest and expertise. If you like the look and feel of their website, then reach out and book a consultation.

It can be one of the most fulfilling experiences to get a real glimpse into the mind and soul of your beloved animal companion(s)!


If you would like to learn more about animal communication or hiring an animal communicator, please visit my website or get in touch.


Pea Horsley is the Founder of Conversations with Nature World Summit and creator of online learning, Animal Communication Made Easy, a proven 5-step method to learn how to communicate with all species of animals. Pea is the UK’s most highly regarded animal communicator, TEDx speaker, teacher, wild animal retreat facilitator and best-selling author. Join Pea’s membership, The Pride, and be part of a modern answer to a global question, where a global council of animals advise humanity in deep listening and real transformation.