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3 Barriers to Animal Communication

Everyone can communicate with animals.

It’s true, but there are also things that can hold people back. So let’s look into the principal barriers to animal communication.

  1. We’re trained to toe the line and follow a belief system that’s not our own.

It’s very easy to adopt the views of others. When we’re children, we’re influenced by our parents and teachers and often accept what they say as ‘read’. Before the age of five, we’re in ‘bath sponge mode’, absorbing everything. Scientists call this ‘the age of theta brainwaves’, our state at this time is similar to being in hypnosis, i.e. suggestible, or REM dream sleep. As we age, we’re influenced by our peers and partners, then work colleagues and leaders. I come across a number of people each year who say something in a workshop, and in time they have the epiphany that it’s their husband’s voice speaking, or that of a work colleague, sometimes even a best friend, but not their own.

The reaction of those around us can be incredulity or undermining laughter, ‘You’re doing what?!’ ‘Am I going to have to start calling you “Doctor Doolittle” now?’

All of this only undermines our desire to do, or even think, something new.

More to the point here, a limiting thought like Animals can’t communicate is what actually prevents communication. So, if you’re having any doubts about whether animal communication is feasible or whether you can do it, take a moment to seek out the source of those thoughts. Ask, ‘Do I really believe that? What is my truth? Am I open to experiencing it for myself?’

Very quickly we can grasp if we’ve been holding on to thoughts and beliefs that are not our own. If you find that’s been happening to you, write them down, rip them up, move on.

  1. We shut out our intuition

Sometimes we shut out our own intuition, which in turn blocks us from communicating with animals. Why might this happen? Perhaps it comes from a concern about what we might receive. There could be a worry that the information will be too painful and so a barrier is put in place to prevent it from reaching us.

  1. Our ego shouts!

The human self or ego’s capacities for self-awareness, self-reflection and self-control are essential for reaching our goals. Nevertheless, the ego self has a perpetual desire to be seen in a positive light. So, as Mark Leary, professor of psychology and neuroscience at Duke University in North Carolina, USA, explains, ‘While the self can be our greatest resource, it can also be our darkest enemy.’ As another researcher put it, the self engenders ‘a self-zoo of self-defense mechanisms’.

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By Pea Horsley

Animal Communicator