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Is 2019 Going To Be Your Year?

Communicating by photograph

Is 2019 going to be the year you make a shift?

Have you asked what’s in store for you this year? Is 2019 going to be the year when it all comes together?

Many people say they wish to communicate with animals. They love the idea of it; of being able to talk with their dog, guinea pig or goat, but then nothing kind of happens or they start then falter. 

The only way to change an idea into a reality is to engage with what it is you really want for yourself. To stop the dreaming and through action turn that dream into a reality.


Is Your Life Working The Way You Want It To?

Many people are expressing that their life isn’t working out they way they wish it to be. This can be because of the shift occurring inside ourselves, as well as the energetic influence of a greater shift that’s influencing humanity. Time seems to be speeding up, as well as our focus on what we do or don’t want for ourselves. As a result many of the old ways of running our lives feel strangely out of sync. When we’re sensitive to the energies that surround us we begin to question ideas that only a few years ago seemed to make some kind of sense. Often ideas planned on fear of lack: lack of money, lack of certainty, lack of confidence, rather than desire for what makes our heart sing.

What’s Important To You?

With the new energies reaching us we’re being asked to question what is important? Where do we want to be? What do we want to be doing? Even, who do we want to be with?

Many of the answers that spring to mind are about being in service; to be making a positive difference for others, whoever they are in the animal kingdom, or to the planet, to gain a sense of self satisfaction by being kind, empathic, compassionate, caring and through offering practical positivity in whatever form feels truest to us as an individual.

Retreat Inwards and Listen

Whether we are aware of it or not, and I’m not sure our awareness even matters, while there is seemingly chaos crashing down all around us, we’re being asked to retreat inwards and to remember ourselves as a powerful being, more than human, and that our earth-based elements are only a percentage of our selves and not the whole.

Be Braver and Grow

The true reality is that we are multi-dimensional beings. When we start to comprehend this the life we planned based on a narrow view of who we are can no longer fit into the picture. Our soul starts to prompt us that there is more to life, more to our human abilities than we thought and encourages us to embody this shift. To be braver, to grow.

Some will come to this awareness like a bolt of lightning; which was my experience back in 2004 when Morgan (dog) came into my life and I first discovered animal communication. (It had never occurred to me that animals could express themselves and for that transmission to be received, clearly and accurately.) Others will be drawn to the truth slowly. How we approach our shifting perception needs to work for us as individuals as we integrate it into our reviewed life plan.

Expand Your Awareness

I’m aware of some people who have acted immediately and quit a job, sold their home and started something new. Others move steadily, taking things in slowly, expanding their awareness gradually, by starting to engage in what they feel drawn to as they start to ask themselves the deeper questions and watch for signposts to a new pathway.

Relax, try things out, engage in growing and trust that you will feel and know what’s right for you. Accept where you are right now is where you need to be and that change is inevitable. The one constant in life is that energy is forever changing and so are you. Progress is natural. You have an innate capacity for change and renewal. Listen to your Soul and empower yourself reach your full potential.

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By Pea Horsley

Animal Communicator