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Anyone who has ever shared their home with an animal companion will recognise just how much animals have to teach us when it comes to compassion and empathy.

Through the careful study and practice of animal communication, we can begin to tap into these lessons in compassion on a much deeper level.

In this post, we’ll explore three lessons that all humans can learn from animals – both in the home and in the wild.

The Importance of Empathy

One of the most important lessons in compassion that we can receive from animals is the role of empathy and how we treat those around us.

It is well documented in both our personal experiences and in academic research that non-human animals have an innate ability to sense and respond to the emotions of others.

Many of us will have experienced the soothing balm of a dog comforting us in times of distress. And we don’t need to look far to see examples of compassionate behaviour between other non-human animals. Elephants, for instance, offer each other comfort and consolation when stressful events occur.

By looking to animals for our lessons in compassion, we can learn to be more empathetic towards our fellow souls and understand how to best respond to their needs.


The Power of Forgiveness

Non-human animals have an amazing ability to forgive those who have made mistakes. Unlike us, they don’t bear grudges or seek revenge, although they do remember others who have done them harm.

Scientists in Italy, for example, have observed the way in which wallabies reach out and reconcile with each other after a fight. These reconciliations not only restore social bonds, but also reduce anxiety in both parties.

Animal communication allows us to tap into this kind of power and approach the world around us with a more open, forgiving nature.

The Role of Connection

A commitment to learning from animals opens up so many possibilities for us to introduce more compassion into our daily lives. And one of the most important things we can learn is the power and potential of connection.

Animals are social creatures that form strong bonds, working together to ensure survival and comfort for themselves and their young. Meerkats are well known for their social organisation, fulfilling different roles as and when they are needed to help other members of their group.

By observing and communicating with animals, we can learn much about the value of connection and the role of selfless compassion in our relationships.

Develop your Ability to Learn from Animals

We all have the innate potential to learn lessons of compassion from the animals around us. But if you are seeking to develop and strengthen your animal communication skills, join us on one of our introductory workshops in the UK this year.

With the right tools and techniques in place, you’ll be able to forge deeper connections with your animal companions.



Pea Horsley is an international teacher, TEDx speaker and bestselling author of 3 books including ‘Heart to Heart’ and ‘The Animal Communicator’s Guide’, which have been translated into nine languages, creator of online learning, Animal Communication Made Easy, and creator of the annual Conversations with Nature World Summit. Pea is the UK’s most highly regarded animal communicator and wild animal retreat facilitator. Join Pea’s membership, The Pride, and be part of a global community listening to a council of animals advising humanity and together forging real transformation.